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Thinking about winterizing and storing your boat or personal watercraft at the end of this season?

Are you tired of the hassle of hauling your boat out of the water, towing it home to be stored just to turn around and bring it back again in the spring?

If so, we can take care of this for you.  We’ll arrange a time that’s convenient, pick up your watercraft and take it to our shop for winterizing and storage.  When you’re ready for it in the spring, all you to do is give us a call and we’ll deliver it to you cleaned and ready to go!

Would you prefer to have it winterized and shrink wrapped but leave it at your cottage and take it with you? We can do this too.

Whatever your storage and winterizing requirements,, we are here to make your life easier.


Do you need your snowmobile summarized and stored?  Our trained and knowledgable staff will properly prepare your sled for summer storage and have it ready to go once the snow arrives!  We realize that the sledding season is far too short and you want to make the most of every snowmobiling moment.

Do you just want it properly summarized?  Don’t have a trailer?  We can either pick it up or do a service call, it’s up to you!


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